The London boroughs where the most and least people work from home

February 10, 2023
February 10, 2023 Marketing

The London boroughs where the most and least people work from home

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Since the pandemic for many people across London working from home has become a part of everyday life, making it easier for families to look after children while working and allowing workers to cut out commuting time altogether.

But the number of people working from home across London is not equal everywhere, with some places seeing nearly everyone still commuting into work as normal.

So where in London sees the highest proportion of its residents working from home, and where has the lowest proportion? To find this out we used research from the 2021 census analysed by Reboot Online, and you can see the findings below.

The results found that the London borough with the highest percentage of its population working from home is Richmond upon Thames, with a whopping 58.75 per cent of people doing their job remotely. This is a nearly 50 per cent percentage point increase in people working from home in the borough, since 2011 when only 8.94 per cent were WFH.

At the other end of the scale the borough with the highest percentage of mobile workforce was Barking and Dagenham with only 20.69 per cent of the population working from home, meaning 79.31 per cent of people commute to work. This is a percentage point increase of only 18.46 per cent in WFH jobs since 2011.

Here’s the full break down of the top five highest and lowest boroughs:

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Highest WFH boroughs

  1. Richmond upon Thames – 58.75%
  2. Kensington and Chelsea – 57.62%
  3. Camden – 56.69%
  4. Wandsworth – 56.52%
  5. Islington – 56.13%

Lowest WFH boroughs

  1. Barking and Dagenham – 20.69%
  2. Newham – 29.21%
  3. Brent – 30.43%
  4. Enfield – 31.26%
  5. Hillingdon – 31.65%

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Source: My London