Small Business CRM

lucro CRM is THE solution to every Small Business Owner’s IT challenges.
Offering all the benefits of an off-the-shelf CRM system but with added flexibility to be bespoked to mirror your exact business needs. Our cloud based system is so simple to use with NO in-house IT skills needed to setup, manage or train as we do it all for you.

Small Business CRM

lucro CRM is THE solution to every Small Business Owner’s IT challenges.
Offering all the benefits of an off-the-shelf CRM system but with added flexibility to be bespoked to mirror your exact business needs. Our Cloud based system is so simple to use with NO in-house IT skills needed to setup, manage or train as we do it all for you.

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One Streamlined CRM System

Bring all your business processes into one streamlined software system and unleash the power of innovative features that will help your business to grow.

The Cloud based (SaaS) lucro CRM system has been designed specifically by us to meet the needs of Small Business owners who could not find the right system/s to suit their exact business requirements. Most off-the-shelf CRM systems offer little flexibility around features, so you end up paying for many features that you will never use and invariably just confuse the users.

Developed by experienced Small Business owners who understand only too well the needs of Small Businesses and the challenges in finding a CRM system that aligns to them, lucro CRM is the easy-to-use solution for Small Businesses who want to simplify online team collaboration and facilitate remote / hybrid working.

lucro allows you to bespoke your CRM system to suit your key business priorities, so much so, that it effectively becomes a “Business Critical System” due to its flexibility and crucial importance. If you’re looking for instance for the ability to make it easier to automate your sales funnel emails and enable your team to collaborate productively regardless of their work location, lucro CRM will provide this and a lot more.


The perfect blend of Core and Bespoke features

What makes lucro so different from the other CRM systems on the market is the flexibility to pick and choose the exact features that will drive your business forward. Bulky, off-the-shelf CRMs are largely designed for large businesses with big budgets to match – often for hundreds to thousands of users and contain lots of “bells and whistles” which just aren’t needed in a Small Business environment. The “one size fits all” philosophy just doesn’t work in this scenario.

With lucro, we sit down and discuss with you upfront to determine which core features you wish to be included in your bespoke version of the system that will add value to your business. Features which are not deemed relevant (or at least initially) will be removed to ensure your system is as streamlined and simple to use as possible.

Additionally, if you have any specific needs which you would like to be incorporated in the system to streamline and automate processes further, then we will build these for you , if they don’t exist already.

Once your exact setup has been determined, we then go away and bespoke and configure if for you, as well as importing any customer data etc you might require, so you don’t need any IT knowledge or expertise in-house. When everything is ready, we will then provide all your end users with full training on how to use the system so they are up and running for Day 1 of go live.

The cost-effective CRM for Small Businesses

lucro offers a more cost-effective solution compared to rival CRMs in the market which invariably are targeted much more towards larger SMEs and Corporate businesses. As such, these rival systems have advanced features and require a significant amount of setting up which proves far to complex and overwhelming for your average Small Business Owner.

Additionally, building your own fully bespoke / custom built CRM from scratch not only requires significant upfront cost and time investments, but equally requires extensive in-house or external IT knowledge and experience in specifying the features to be included and exactly how they will work etc.

This is just the start of the challenge however, as once the system goes live, it then needs to have ongoing maintenance in order to stay up to date as well as sever hosting and management etc – the list goes on and on!

One of the key benefits of lucro to Small Businesses is that we take care of ALL the pain in setting up the system and all ongoing management and upgrades so you can get on with what you do best – running and growing your business through the improved Customer Service & Productivity which lucro will deliver.

Average Cost of Rival CRM Systems




Over 40% lower cost than average rival CRM systems

The cost of lucro based on 15 users works out more than 40% lower cost than the average cost of rival CRM systems. These systems are typically targeted to larger businesses with more complex needs – so Small Businesses end up paying a lot more money for features they don’t need and won’t ever use!

lucro delivers all of the core functionality you need day one and can be bespoked further for you, if required, with purpose-built features to mirror your exact business needs, so don’t waste money paying for redundant features.


A CRM built for your Small Business - regardless of sector

Numerous CRMs are specifically designed and targeted for specific business sectors and therefore don’t perform well and deliver significant benefits outside of the core sectors.

However, due to the unique and more scaled back core design of lucro, the features can be transposed across all types of businesses and business sectors.

lucro gives you all of the standard features you would expect with a Customer Relationship Management system to store customer information and capture leads but with extra add-ons and productivity tools that can do even more to help your business to scale up and evolve rapidly.

Automated Sales Processes

Remove labour intensive tasks

One of the biggest benefits of using a CRM is that you can remove many of the labour-intensive tasks that take up your team’s time. Many administrative tasks can be automated including email & SMS triggers to streamline processes and take the complexity out of tasks.

Your team are then freed up to spend more time on other work such as speaking and meeting with clients to boost sales and productivity.

Happy Customers

Improve Customer Service

Operating a successful business is not just about doing everything faster and more efficiently – delivering excellent Customer Service should always be a top priority.

lucro enables you to easily identify service issues with comprehensive performance data that is easy to access, whenever you need it. By capturing the right type of customer data, you can personalise the customer experience to a deeper level, so you can focus on those clients who need your attention the most to ensure they remain happy.

Time Efficient

Increase productivity

As well as taking away some of the time-consuming manual tasks from your team, the performance monitoring capabilities allow you to easily view the productivity of remote employees.

lucro’s unique real time Leaderboard and dynamic Activity Feed features provide Admins and Business Owners both high level and granular level views of exactly what activities are being conduced by all Team members, regardless of their location.


Sit back & relax - we've got this!

Many Small Businesses are understandably put off having bespoke or purpose built CRM systems because they do not want the hassle of hosting and managing the system themselves, with all the complications and technical requirements that come with that.

However, when you choose lucro, you are choosing simplicity at every step of the journey. We consult with you from the outset to ensure we bespoke your version of lucro to your exact needs – after which we then implement it all for you, so you don’t need any advanced IT skills or expertise to do so.

Once you go live, we will then train your staff and as the system is Cloud based (SaaS) we host the system on our servers and provide ongoing maintenance and system upgrades. We manage everything for you and even include data backups, so you can relax and purely focus on your business.


Embrace CRM in your Small Business today to enable it to thrive & prosper

We are not a software house. We are a unique CRM provider that helps Small Businesses (typically 1 – 49 employees) to utilise the latest technology to gain competitive advantage and set up the digital foundations for future success.

As your business grows, your lucro CRM seamlessly scales to continue supporting you – both in terms of further user licenses but also additional functionality and custom built modules we will build in to the system for you.

For all the powerful business benefits of an all-encompassing CRM but with the convenience and simplicity of a bespoke system designed around your business, lucro is the CRM system to take your business to the next level.


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