Why you need Lucro today:

  • Simple to use
  • FREE upload of your Customer data
  • Reduce valuable Admin time
  • Boost Sales
  • Latest AI Technology
  • Manage your Customers better
  • No fees, start using instantly
  • Access anywhere, any device
  • Fully secure
  • GDPR compliant
  • Businesses of ALL types

“We increased sales by 38% within 6 months using Lucro”

Emma Hackner
Commercial Finance Network
Path 1249

Still Managing your Customers on Spreadsheets?

Reduce lead admin, automate your sales activities and centralise all customer communications with Lucro & AI technology – the ONLY dedicated Free CRM Tool designed purely for Micro & Small Business.

Tired of admin taking over your evenings and weekends and drowning in bits of paper? Using manual processes or multiple systems can make lead management and the process of converting business leads into new customers really hard work.

Embrace the latest AI technology with Lucro CRM – an easy-to-use online tool designed to meet your Small Business’ needs and really help grow your Startup to the next level. Designed by Small Business owners specifically to meet the dedicated needs of Micro and Small Businesses for the first time.

And the best bit – Lucro is FREE to use forever and so easy to setup, so you can start seeing the benefits instantly. No expensive set up fees or valuable time lost in lengthy implementation!

A Trusted CRM solution for Small Business

Neil Dakin.
Mount Olympus Group

“We’re seeing a 25% increase in productivity already but expect this to increase further as we expand system usage.”

Dee Khabra,
Freeman Transport

“We’ve saved almost 50% on admin time since using Lucro.”

Emma Hackner,
Commercial Finance Network

“Lucro has enabled us to more than double our lead volumes, substantially reduce admin resources and boost sales all at the same time!”

How can a solution designed specifically for Micro & Small Business help me?

The right software solution will make your business easier to run, significantly reduce the time you need to spend on admin and convert more business leads into sales! It didn’t exist, so that’s why we built Lucro Small Business CRM.

We know exactly what features Small Businesses need to operate and prosper and equally which advanced features, designed for much larger businesses, usually scare users and never get used, so why pay for them!

Group 507
  • See all your business leads in one place

    whichever marketing source they come from. No more pen and paper management and risk of losing leads.

  • Automate follow up and set tasks for team members

    to make sure every lead is loved. The result – you’ll see an improvement in lead to customer conversion rates and higher revenues.

  • Manage all customer communications and interactions in one place

    ensuring you have a single source of truth and full history for that contact/account.

  • Real-time reporting and snapshot of your business instantly

    from any device, anywhere. Make informed decisions based on factual data, no more guess work!

One system, many benefits

Lucro CRM is packed full of simple to use features, delivering major benefits to help you view your customer data, manage leads and embrace the latest AI technology to grow your business. Lucro gives you full flexibility to add users anytime at the click of a button – you stay in control at all times!

Start using instantly

No expensive setup fees as you can fully setup Lucro yourself and use the more advanced features as your needs grow

Data imported FREE

Let us take care of getting all your Customer data into Lucro for you – FREE! You get on with growing your business, we’ve got this.

Simple to use

We appreciate not everyone is a Tech Wizard – so Lucro has been specifically designed to enable users with less IT experience to start using it without any training

Fully Secure

Keeping your data safe is crucial, which is why Lucro uses the highest levels of data encryption and UK Amazon Data Centres. All data stored on Lucro is backed up daily for total peace-of-mind.

Access from anywhere, with any device

Lucro’s customers are the backbone of UK industry, operating across all types of business. Lucro gives you total flexibility to access your data anywhere with an internet connection from any type of device

GDPR compliant

Lucro takes care of GDPR compliance for you so that’s yet another worry less for you

Full lead & pipeline management

Real time visibility of all your leads and sales pipelines in one simple graphical dashboard so you can see exactly how your business is performing

Email & Calendar Integration

Lucro brings all your external systems under one roof – connecting your work email and Outlook calendar into one system boosting productivity

Sales Automation

Reduce manual processes by automating tasks in the sales process to speed up sales cycles and free up expensive sales resources

Role-based permissions

Control who sees what in your business with Lucro’s pre-defined and flexible User Types to protect data and confidentiality

Comprehensive reporting

Lucro’s Dashboard contains both graphical and statistical data, all updated in real time so you have a full 360 view of your business like never before

Online & In-house support provided

Lucro provides all support online and in-house, so you can rest assured you’ll be taken of every step of the way, without any expense support bills

Reduce admin and ditch your pen and paper processes with Lucro CRM!

Lucro is so easy-to-use and is built to support the unique needs of today’s Micro & Small Businesses, so you can start reaping the benefits today, with NO upfront or ongoing costs. Lucro is so simple to be setup and we guide and support you through the whole process, including uploading your Customer Data for you, for no charge! Sound too good to be true? Signup now for free and see for yourself.