Lucro answers your questions

Lucro is the ultimate easy-to-use software solution to help Small & Micro Business run smoother and more efficiently.

Lucro will literally save you HOURS of Admin time each week, will help improve your Customer communications and can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.

On this page we provide answers to all your Frequently Asked Questions so please have a read so you can understand how Lucro can really benefit your business.

Don’t worry if you’ve got a question which isn’t listed below, you can ask us any other questions you might have from our Sign Up page.

Lucro is the only Free Software system which has been specifically designed to the very specific and dedicated needs of Micro and Small Businesses.

Unlike other software tools in the market, which are primarily designed for the complex needs of larger businesses, Lucro has been designed by a team of experienced Small Business Owners who truly understand what small businesses need to manage and grow their business.

Yes Lucro software is free forever – no payment cards needed at all to register and use the system.

This “Freemium” model enables businesses with up to 3 users to enjoy Lucro free forever, and only those businesses with larger numbers of customers and more complex needs and features need to pay a nominal monthly fee if they wish to use more advanced features and have more customers etc.

Lucro operates on what is known as a “Freemium” model – this means that we provide a scaled-back, permanently free version, which has loads of great tools to help run your Small Business. Approximately 70% of our Users find this free version is ample for their needs.

We also offer some more advanced / premium features which are only available on our paid Licenses which are better suited to those businesses with more customers and users. Don’t worry though, as our paid Licenses are still by far the most cost effective in the whole market, as they are available from just £5 per user per month!

Lucro Small Business Software is free forever, so no free trials are needed and we find they just annoy customers as never last long enough to fully evaluate the product.

We don’t want to restrict our customers to a short term limited trial period as we want our customers to be able to use our system free forever in order to get used to the system and really discover how it can benefit their small business.

Luca, our friendly and helpful AI Bot is available 24x7x365 so always available to assist you as best as possible with their extensive knowledge of the Lucro system.

However, it there is something Luca can’t answer sufficiently for you, then you are able to escalate your request to our Human Support Team by clicking the “Connect to an Agent” or “Get more Help” options presented after Luca’s responses.

Our Support Team are available Monday – Friday during the hours of 09:00 to 17.30 and will always respond to your request as soon as possible.

Our Dedicated Servers storing all our customer data are located strictly in UK Data Centres only and are fully GDPR compliant.

There are 3 ways of entering your existing Customer data into Lucro:

a) Manually adding your Customers to Lucro is made super quick and easy and takes less than 30 seconds!

To add Customers manually to the “Customers” menu and click the “Add Customer” button at the top right. Depending on how much data you have to enter, will determine how viable this option is, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to all be entered at once, you can take you time and enter it when you get time.

b) Go to “Customers” menu item and then select “Upload Data” link and follow the instructions. We provide you with a standard excel template which you need to copy your data into for the upload.

c) We provide a free service to upload the data for you if you prefer for us to do it for you. We need you to insert your data into our excel upload template and then send it to us via our Support tool located on the bottom right of any page once signed in.

As soon as a new Customer has been added into Lucro, you can start benefiting from the great features such as Logging / Scheduling Activities, adding multiple Contacts, tracking all correspondence in and out, adding Leads and Contracts to the Customer etc.

There is no charge for us to upload your Customer data into Lucro for you, so long as it is provided to us in the exact format of our standard excel upload template and all your data is contained in that template.

However, if you require additional columns / data fields to be upload as well, such as for example, previous activity history, contact names etc, then this will be a Customised Upload and a charge will apply for only the additional columns / data fields only to be uploaded. We would need to see the format of your data in order to be able to provide a quotation for a customised upload.

Please rest assured however we provide all Support in-house unlike our competitors and therefore are pricing will be extremely competitive.

Yes absolutely! This is a free service we provide to help our clients as we totally appreciate that this is one of the most daunting aspects which prevents small businesses adopting new technologies which we strive to overcome!

Just to clarify, there is no charge whatsoever for Lucro to upload your Customer data for you, so long as it is provided to us in the exact format of our standard excel upload template. If however, you have any additional data fields / columns you require to be uploaded in addition to our standard template format, then this would be chargeable and we would provide you with a Customised Upload quotation.

To keep things simple, all Customer and Prospective Customers are stored in Lucro under the central “Customers” section. The actual status of a Customer is stored within each individual Customer record – for example, Customer / Suspect / Prospect – this is all within the Status field which you enter when first adding a new Customer and can change at any time by Editing a Customer record.

You are able to search and filter your different Customer types at any time by going to Customers / View Customers and then select the Filter option – by default it shows All Customers, can you change this easily to view all different statuses of Customer at any time.

All Customers, regardless of their Status are stored under the central “Customers” section. You use the Status field inside the Customer record to determine what stage a Customer is at in their lifecycle, such as Customer, Suspect, Prospect etc.

The “Customer” area is the most important inside Lucro as it the foundation upon which all activities and actions are taken – you are essentially unable to start using the system until some Customers have been added.

Lucro is primarily setup to work on the basis that everything is based around creating a “Customer” regardless of whether they are still a new enquiry, a paying customer, a limited company or an individual person – it really doesn’t matter. A “Customer” record can have unlimited numbers of “Contacts” added to it.

The benefits of adding Customers to Lucro is then lots of additional features become available such as logging / scheduling all activities and Leads etc against the Company and/or Contacts in the Company.

Conversely, a Contact is a person who works at the Customer.

For example:

If you operate a Business to Business (B2B) model, then a Customer could be “ABC Limited” (company) for which you might have multiple Contact names and details for different Directors, or contacts in different areas of the ABC Limited. Lucro enables you to store all the Contacts centrally under the Customer record for ABC Limited for easy access and clarity.

Equally, if you operate a Business to Consumer (B2C) model, then a Customer could be “John Smith” (person) in which case you don’t need to add a Contact Name when adding John, but instead just enter John’s contact details.

In order to add a Contact, you must first create a “Customer” record as this is where all information is stored and all Activities and actions are undertaken.

A “Customer” can have an unlimited number of Contacts, which can be added / edited / deleted at any time.

A “Default” Contact is effectively the main / primary contact at the Customer and the person you deal with most frequently.

You can only have one Default Contact per Customer record, although you can change the Default Contact at any time quickly and simply by marking the new contact Default.

In order to add additional Users to your Lucro account so that all your Customer data is under one account, a Super Admin (SA) must add the additional users via their account. To add the additional Users, the SA User must be logged in to Lucro, then go to the “Users” menu and then click the “Add Users” button, top right.

Simply then fill in the contact details for the new User to be added and also assign them a “User Type” which is their level of system permissions. Once this has been done and “Submit” been clicked, the new User will automatically be sent an email with a link and their login details.

Yes absolutely. Super Admin Users only are able to fully control and edit all Users of the system easily.

To reset a User’s password go to the “Users” menu, then from the “Actions” menu select “Edit” then click on the pen icon to the right of the “Password” field and enter and confirm the new User password to be applied and click “Submit” to action.