These Are The Best Jobs For Remote Working


If remote working is the dream for you, it could pay to explore jobs in the tech sector. According to HR experts Remote, 31% of web developer roles and 29% of software engineer roles listed on Glassdoor last year were remote.

Jobs in journalism and adjacent industries are also more likely to be remote, with 23% of translator roles and 18% of editor roles listed as such on Glassdoor.

Interestingly, the study of more than six million job adverts also found that in some sectors, remote roles command higher salaries. This was especially true of real estate, architect, design and nutritionist roles listed on the site.

“Employers hiring for remote roles have a much larger selection of top tier candidates and a reduced need for costly office space among other benefits,” said Nadia Vatalidis, Remote’s VP of people. “In addition, employees who prefer the remote life-work balance gain increased flexibility and the potential opportunity to work from anywhere in the world.”

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Check out the 20 jobs with the most remote roles below.

1. Web Developer (31.39%)
2. Software Engineer (29.14%)
3. Translator (22.98%)
4. Editor (18.22%)
5. Data Scientist (17.46%)
6. Cyber Security (16.32%)
7. Copywriter (14.81%)
8. Account Manager (13.47%)
9. Architect (12.38%)
10. Data Analyst (11.95%)
11. Project Manager (10.74%)
12. Marketing (10.64%)
13. Nutritionist (10.49%)
14. Design (10.39%)
15. Business Development (10.16%)
16. Public Relations (9.76%)
17. Recruiter (8.75%)
18. Producer (8.70%)
19. Solicitor (8.37%)
20. Lawyer (8.36%)

Though remote working offers greater flexibility – including the opportunity to travel and work abroad– it does come with potential downsides, including loneliness and isolation.

“My two key bits of advice for continuing to work from home are: one, make sure you have a defined office space as it will help your focus,” Gemma, a remote worker from the West Midlands, told Refinery29. “And two, make sure that you have regular contact with your colleagues – you might not want to but video calls as opposed to audio has been a huge benefit to me as you can see expressions and really get to know people.”

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Source: Refinery29